Mobile Redesign

UX LEAD | MAY 2013 - MAR 2015

Redesign BitTorrent's mobile UI to include a responsive design solution and incorporate new features and functionality for an audience of over 10 million users worldwide. 
Wireframes - new feature suggestions
The mobile version of BitTorrent had been around forever and was not only outdated but lacked the features and functionality to make it competitive with other torrent apps in the market. The design would also include a backend architecture update to allow for the additional functionality.
Wireframes - state exploration
Created a responsive design with an updated look and feel. We interviewed existing users to find out what their wants and needs were for the new application. From user interviews, we identified the new functionality that we would incorporate into the new design. Users identified informational content as the feature that would set apart a torrent app. We created a mechanism for displaying information from data strings in an elegant and usable way.  In addition,  users had the ability to add photos and edit information to media files with limited or no metadata. Users can also group files and create albums or playlists. Additional updates were made to the user management functionality to control notifications and UI customization.  
Hi-res mockups - various screens
Leadership and Trust
Communication Skills
User Research and Analytics to leverage design decisions
Complex IA


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